Guidelines for safe dance practice and
health benefits of dancing.

There are several sites which have excellent resources for dancers and are well worth following.  Although some of the information is geared towards professional dancers, there are plenty of resources which are useful for social dances.

Also, see more of the amazing health benefits of social dance on our website under “Articles / Interesting facts re dance”


Ausdance has great page on Safe Dance Practice which was
This outlines the important elements for dancers and teachers for all fields of dance.

Dedicated to Improving Dancers’ Health.
The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) promotes medical, scientific, and educational activities aimed at enhancing the treatment and training of dancers with the ultimate goal of improving dancers’ health, well-being, and performance.

The freely available resource papers on the IADMS site cover such topics as stretching, turnout, first aid, and teaching methods.

Don’t Get It Twisted: Dance is an intellectual pursuit.