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Huge congratulations and fabulous news for dancers -:

Sydney dancing couple awarded #ourNFF‘s highest honour.
The National Folk Festival is delighted to announce that the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for their significant commitment and contribution to enriching folk culture in Australia has been awarded to Bill and Margaret Ellen Winnett. Together they have shared their absolute love of traditional Irish dancing with people both in Australia and overseas.


Dancing prior to the Festival on Tuesday night, 27th March. English Country Dance workshops Tuesday 27th March

Dancing at NFF 2018  Check the festival website for details about the dance programme in 2018.

Dance acts are listed at

Scroll down for programmes for the Dancers’ Dance, Heritage Ball, and Scottish Ball.

Also info about Earthly Delights dance events. Earthly Delights at NFF 2018

Programme for the ‘Dancers’ Dance’

These dances are more advanced than many of the dances at the festival and are geared to more experienced dancers or those wanting a challenge.

Full instructions for download 2018 NFF Dancer’s Dance Instructions and videos up-date 20th jan 20182018 NFF Dancer's Dance Grid Form updated Jan 20th 2018

Heritage Ball Programme  NFF 2018

NFF 2018 Ball ~ Video links

The New Fitzroy Quadrille

The Peter Ellis Waltz

NFF Heritage Ball

Scottish Ball Programme

NFF 2018 Scottish Ball Programme