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Now online on the festival site full dance programme.

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Dancing in Canberra before & after the Festival

Roguery and Brooke Friendly (USA). The best of English country dancing

Tea Dance

Scottish Ceilidh programme

A Dance for Dancers

Melbourne Colonials

Heritage Ball

Farewell Dance with Billabong Band


Dancing in Canberra pre- & post- NFF

For those lucky dancers arriving early or departing late for the NFF:

MFS will be holding their usual Tuesday workshops – all are welcome to join us.

Both 7:30 – 9:30pm, at North Canberra Baptist Church Hall, 17 Condamine Street, Turner

Tues 16th April 7:30pm: Contra Dance workshop, with Canberra Contra Club

$6 for all members of any folk society / $8 non-members

Tues 23rd April 7:30pm: English Country Dancing, with Colin Towns, and music led by Ian and Sarah.

$7 for all members of any folk society / $9 non-members

Colin Towns (mob) 0417 020 615


Special guests for this year’s NFF


Roguery and Brooke Friendly (USA)

Top English country dance group from America.

Roguery is Dave Bartley (plucky strings), Jim Oakden (keyboard strings winds) and Shira Kammen (bowed strings, voice), together with Brooke Friendly (dance caller and choreographer). They have wowed and entertained dancers and audiences at festivals and dance events throughout the US and in Great Britain. Individually they have appeared on over 150 CDs, including six as a band. Shira is highly respected in international early music circles, and Brooke has published five books of original dances.

Roguery & Brooke are also holding weekends in Hobart and the Atherton Tableland.


Tea Dance with Short Dented Potts

Short Dented Potts is playing for the Friday Tea Dance, 4:30 till 6:00 at Coorong.
We are dancing Modern English Country including a dance by Brooke Friendly who is also calling at the Festival.


Scottish Ceilidh programme

Scottish ball NFF 2019 final prog and recaps

Scottish Ball NFF2019

A Dance for Dancers” at this year’s National Festival run by Norm Ellis.

Under the Act Name “Cue & Do“, the intention is to run an intensive 2 hour dance,
briefed and called with a minimum of fuss, but mostly NOT walked through,
structured for competent dancers, and to maximise dancing enjoyment.
I am attaching a copy of the proposed dance program.
Full dance instructions (& video links if available) will be posted on the TSDAV website – under “NFF 2019: A Dance for Dancers”
Many of the dances you will be able to do on a ‘follow-the-call’ basis, even if you may not know them by name !
However, some others will present more of a challenge (without walk-thoughs)
so I recommend that you familiarise yourselves with them BEFORE the event.
To this end, the next 3 TSDAV Dance Workshops (ie 11th Hour Sessions)
will be devoted largely to the dances on program. These will be held at Surrey Hills.
This of course won’t help interstate dancers, unless you can co-opt your local dance club to practice them !
You will notice several features / idiosyncrasies of the ‘A Dance for Dancers’ program –
– there are no couples dances (these being adequately catered for in the Tea Dance & Heritage Ball)
– there are 3 occasions where alternative dances can be done to the same music (eg Postie’s & Double Postie’s)
you are invited to “jack-up” your own sets for the more advanced alternative !
– there is one Scottish medley where the one dance is danced first in Strathspey time, and then in Reel time without a break between.
this one has a modified “Rights & Lefts” that it will help to be familiar with !
– there is one dance which contains a “partial sheepskin hey” which you need to be familiar with!
Remember, the aim is to dance, not have a workshop ! 


2019 NFF Melbourne Colonial Dancers performing
Welcome Dance Thursday evening
Displays on Piazza Friday 16:30 & Monday 13:50 featuring WA History.
Beginner Workshops Sat & Sunday Coorong 9:30

Melbourne Colonials at NFF2019


Heritage Ball Programme

NFF Heritage Ball 2019 instructions

Gypsy Tap (led from the floor)
Colonials Quadrille (Canberra version)
Canberra Centenary Waltz (progressive version)
An Aussie Soldiers Joy

Grand March into
The First Coorong Quadrille (4 figures)
Belgarth Waltz
CHOGM Pentrille

Swing Waltz (led from the floor)
New Parliament House
Mount Ainslie Reel
Waltz Cotillon
Chain Double Quadrille

Maxina (led from the floor)
Cumberland Long 8
Barn dance
Turn of the Tide
Galopade Quadrille

Merry Widow Waltz (led from the floor)
Highland Reel
Tivoli Galop Quadrille
Jubilee Jig

if time permits:
Eightsome Reel
Posties Jig (uncalled)


Farewell Dance 2019 with the Billabong Band.



Huge congratulations and fabulous news for dancers -:

Sydney dancing couple awarded #ourNFF‘s highest honour.
The National Folk Festival is delighted to announce that the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for their significant commitment and contribution to enriching folk culture in Australia has been awarded to Bill and Margaret Ellen Winnett. Together they have shared their absolute love of traditional Irish dancing with people both in Australia and overseas.

Dancing prior to the Festival on Tuesday night, 27th March. English Country Dance workshops Tuesday 27th March

Dancing at NFF 2018  Check the festival website for details about the dance programme in 2018.

Dance acts are listed at

Scroll down for programmes for the Dancers’ Dance, Heritage Ball, and Scottish Ball.

Also info about Earthly Delights dance events. Earthly Delights at NFF 2018

Programme for the ‘Dancers’ Dance’

These dances are more advanced than many of the dances at the festival and are geared to more experienced dancers or those wanting a challenge.

Full instructions for download 2018 NFF Dancer’s Dance Instructions and videos up-date 20th jan 20182018 NFF Dancer's Dance Grid Form updated Jan 20th 2018

Heritage Ball Programme  NFF 2018

NFF 2018 Ball ~ Video links

The New Fitzroy Quadrille

The Peter Ellis Waltz

NFF Heritage Ball

Scottish Ball Programme

NFF 2018 Scottish Ball Programme